About Us

About Us

Ven's Bike Rental is a family business that has proudly supplied bicycles to visitors of the island of Ven since 1971. Our passion is to ensure that every guest has as enriching and hassle-free an experience as possible. We strive to make your stay on Ven memorable, with personalized service and a wide range of bicycles and accessories.

Find Us

Upon arriving on Ven via the ferry, you will find Ven's Bike Rental conveniently located on the right side, just past the first hill if you follow the main road from Bäckviken. It is less than 300 meters to walk, and our presence is clear and easy to locate.

Rental and Amenities

Our range includes approximately 1600 bicycles, available for pre-booking on our website or for direct rental on-site. We accept the most common credit cards for your convenience. In addition, we offer a kiosk where you can enjoy ice cream, soda, coffee, and candy. For our customers, there is also access to free toilets.

If you have a stroller or similar that you prefer not to bring around the island, we offer the opportunity to leave these at our backside when you rent your bike.

Bike Rental and Parking

Our bikes are organized and numbered in groups of 50, as indicated by the signage at our bike parking. When renting, you will receive a key with a numbered tag to easily find your specific bike.

Each bike is equipped with a quick release for the saddle, making it easy for you to adjust the height to your needs.

Alternative Rental Locations and Service

In addition to our main location, bikes can also be rented at the kiosk in Kyrkbacken (marked as No. 26 on the map), although these cannot be pre-booked through us.

Should you encounter any problems with your bike during your stay, you are welcome to exchange it at any of the following locations, which are marked on the map:

- The Bike Rental

- The Kiosk in Kyrkbacken

- Camp Ven in Husvik

- Tycho Brahe Museum

We also have a number of helmets that we lend out. However, we always recommend bringing your own helmet, especially for small children, as availability can be limited.



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